[Coffee Break] Dynamic Chat, featuring Marketo PMs

Marketo Employee

Re: [Coffee Break] HAPPENING TODAY, 9am PST: Dynamic Chat, featuring Marketo PMs

Hi @kpiland , Please find the responses below:

- How does the prospect get notified of the scheduled event, beyond the date/time that is listed in the conversation window?
>> Prospect will get an email along with a calendar event. This email contact can be configured in the Calendar settings page within Dynamic Chat 

- Does a campaign need to be created to send an email to the prospect?
>> For meeting booking email? No

- Are there additional fields (information captures) that need to be collected in order to process the campaign?
>> For meeting booking only email is mandatory. Rest is up to what your business needs

- It almost appears the fields need to be collected before the actually scheduling so that the information is properly passed to the rep.
>> It's how we see many customers use it today. As soon as a visitor is interested in scheduling a call, visitors are asked few qualification questions before showing the meeting booking widget

- Do you need to create 2 separate dialogues that have similar streams to handle unknown vs known visitors? For example, when collecting email addresses, if known would like to confirm the email "on file" but if unknown need to collect the email address and name.
>> Generally we recommend that way so that you can personalize the conversation flow a lot. Irrespectively, if your goal is to get meeting booking you can create one dialogue targeting both and use the option to skip asking same information if already known.