Closed lost nurturing program

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Closed lost nurturing program


I want to create a nurturing program for our Closed Lost leads.

The program will include: Adding tasks to sales to add new leads from the relevant companies to the campaign (the contact role of the closed lost opp will be added automatically), ads on social, emails flow, another task to sales to reach-out with sales emails and phone calls.

Two questions regarding this program:

1. What is the best way to build it in Marketo? Default program or engagement program?

2. Is there a way to automate the social part? I'm looking for a solution that will allow me to add a step to the campaign like the send email step but for social (send to a LinkedIn campaign step).

3. I want to create this audience that will trigger the campaign:
      -has opportunity
      -latest opportunity stage is closed lost
      -opportunity was closed lost 8 months ago (exactly and not in the past 8 month)
From some reason I find it very complicated to create the 3rd rule.

Any ideas on how to create it?