Character limit for tokens?

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Character limit for tokens?

Hi everyone,

I'm creating an email that will be using the standard token, {{lead.First Name}}, to pull in the name of the recipent. However, I would like to cap the character limit of the name pulled in just in case the name is super long (i.e. Bartholomew) and would cause the template to break. Is there a way to do this within the token?

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Character limit for tokens?

There is a simple solution if you have access to web developers:

a SOAP API call getMultipleLeads to retrieve the first name or another attribute, a Java, PHP, JavaScript or another language to implement a logic such as "if {{lead.First Name}} is 6 characters or less leave as it is, otherwise set the first character followed by a dot for the abbreviated name" and then send back through SOAP API syncMultipleleads.