Channel/Tags Update

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Channel/Tags Update

Hey everyone,

Have a question that I'm hoping someone has tackled in the past. I have the following campaign statuses/tags for our live events in Marketo:

Invited - 10

Opened - 12

Clicked - 15

Maybe -20

Registered -25

No Show- 30

Attended - 35

Engaged - 40

Declined - 50

Now I'm being asked to add in an additional step - a Phone Follow Up step. My concern is that if I slot that in between Attended and Engaged is that it will throw off all my historical data. Am I right here? If I am is there a best way to add that step in without risking throwing off my historical data? Any help would be much appreciated!

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Re: Channel/Tags Update

Hi Troy,

We use step number to sort program status, adding a status of Phone follow up between Engaged and Declined, will not allow the allow the leads to step backwards if step number is greater than Engaged.

You can use refer to the following doc:Create a Program Channel - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation

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Re: Channel/Tags Update

Hi Troy - if you insert that step now, running a report on that channel going forward your historical programs in the program performance report will show that step, but the number will be 0 because you did not use Program Status Changes to move anyone into that status within that program. It shouldn't throw your numbers off, you simply have to realise (and remember) why before a certain point the value in that step in programs is always zero.