Changing the "Default" Content in a Snippet

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Changing the "Default" Content in a Snippet

I created a Snippet and adjusted the content for a few segments, leaving the others to display the "default" content. Now, I want to adjust the default content without affecting the segments which I have already adjusted. When I try and change the "default" content, it doesn't affect all the segments I want it to, I think maybe because these were adjusted away from "default" at some point in the past. Anyone have any ideas here?

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Re: Changing the "Default" Content in a Snippet

Hi Jeremy Gendelman‌ - What you're thinking is the case is correct. Once you start editing your snippet the default version won't copy to the other segments. Depending on how many segments you have, you could copy the default snippet html relatively quickly and paste it into those other segments which will hold the default content. Another idea, depending on what's in the Snippet, is to leverage a token for the default content that way you can edit the token and it populates across all the segments using that token. Hope this helps!