Changing the Marketo-SFDC API Sync account?

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Changing the Marketo-SFDC API Sync account?

Hi Everyone,

A discussion about consolidating SFDC licenses has come up at my company. This would involve changing the SFDC license that Marketo and SFDC sync under. Does anyone have any experience with this? What issues will arise from this? We don't sync all Marketo leads into SFDC - only ones that meet specific MQL criteria.

I'm curious if this is (a) a bad idea and (b) going to cause significant issues with our current instance.


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Re: Changing the Marketo-SFDC API Sync account?

You need to make sure the user has permissions to the objects that are synced with Marketo and visibility to all the necessary records.  If you have processes in SFDC that use the fact that a lead, task or campaign member was created by the Marketo user or other updates are made by the Marketo user, you would want to make sure you are accounting for those.