Changing Button Text Color

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Changing Button Text Color

I'm having trouble manipulating the code. I'd like to change the text color of a button to white. In the design tool i'm allowed to change the button color and background but doesn't show a color option. So I figured I can do this in the code. Any suggestions?


<meta class="mktoColor" id="articleBorderColor" mktoname="Right Button Border Color" default="#00a0dc" mktomodulescope="true" /> 
<meta class="mktoNumber" id="articleBorderSize" mktoname="Right Button Border Width" default="1" min="0" max="20" units="px" step="1" mktomodulescope="true" /> 
<meta class="mktoString" id="articleLinkText" mktoname="Right Button Text" default="READ MORE" mktomodulescope="true" /> 
<meta class="mktoString" id="articleLink" mktoname="Right Button Link" default="http://mylink" mktomodulescope="true" />
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Re: Changing Button Text Color

Yeah, you can add this:

<meta class="mktoString" id="button-text-color" mktoName="Button Text Color" default="#FFFFFF" mktoModuleScope="true">


But the trick is making sure where to USE this in your button code. You need to make sure in your <a> tag that you're calling it out properly, however you may have it coded; here's my example:

<a style="color: ${button-text-color};">button text</a>