Change date in wait step

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Change date in wait step

Can you change the date within a smart campaign flow after the campaign was launched?

I had a smart campaign that was a series of 5 emails. After the campaign was already started I had to change the date on the wait step for the second email to go out a couple days later than originally planned. I went into the flow and changed that date. I did this weeks before the second email was scheduled to go out. Today was the original date that the second email was scheduled and it went out. But when I go into the flow for that smart campaign it says the email is not scheduled to go out until June 30.

I just don't understand why the email went out when it did. Can the date not be changed after the campaign is started?


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Re: Change date in wait step

Hi Diana,

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Once a lead is in a wait step, if you change the date at which a wait step ends, it will only change for the leads that will enter the wait step in the future. The change has no impact on the leads that are already in the wait step. This is the behavior you have experienced and this is the expected behaviour:


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