Can we bulk export Salesforce Sync Errors?

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Can we bulk export Salesforce Sync Errors?

We have about 22k person records in our database that do not have a SFDC type - which means they are not syncing to Salesforce due to various reasons.

I suspect that one of the main reason is that "Duplicate Record Detected" from Salesforce end but there is no way for me to click each one of the 22k and filtering through its activity log to find what happened.

At the admin area, you can see Salesforce sync errors going back to maximum 5 days. Is there a different way to export these sync errors so we can filter on the error detail to find the records that didn't sync because of the duplicate detection.


Background Info to the issue

We are using a field in Salesforce called "Sync to Marketo" to filter the records that should sync to Marketo database. This was implemented with the idea to prevent leads/contacts added to the CRM system by the sales teams via ZoomInfo/UserGems platforms. Since we do not have their consent to marketing, we do not want all of them syncing into Marketo. However this causes a problem when one of those records, visit our website and fill a form. They will then end up in our Marketo database as an inbound lead. Marketo tries to sync the record and since Marketo can't see the existing Salesforce record (due to the above Sync to Marketo flag being false),  it will try to consider this as a new lead and try to create a new Salesforce record. But then Salesforce says "hangon mate, this is a duplicate". And the cycle continues. 

Has anyone faced similar issue? Have you figured a smart solution?

I would like to understand the reasons for the sync errors before I think of a solution. So....sync error exports anyone?