Can Marketo Sandbox be easily updated?

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Can Marketo Sandbox be easily updated?

We have a Marketo Sandbox that we have not used in three years, and the programs and set up no longer serve our needs. I was told by Marketocares that we can't "clean it out" and that we would have to provision a brand new one. I have also been told that we could just wipe out all the leads in there and then re-sync our existing instance to the Sandbox rather than getting a brand new one? Does anyone have any insight or experience on this topic?

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Re: Can Marketo Sandbox be easily updated?

Hi Andrea,

The best person to help with these questions would be your Customer Success Manager or your Account Executive.

You could request for a new sandbox to be commissioned -> then do an instance copy of your production instance into sandbox (goes through support) and then you can sync your leads.

PS: please note that the instance copy does not copy across data/user etc..there are certain considerations.

Hope this  helps