Campaigns vs activities in SFDC

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Campaigns vs activities in SFDC

Hi there,

We are migrating from MS Dynamics to SFDC. In MS DYNAMIC and all prior times I've used SFDC, we've always used SFDC campaigns for when a lead syncs over.

Our CRM guy is really pushing not to use campaigns. He says that if we get all our reporting in Marketo, why can't everything be done through activities in SFDC. I'm not 100% sold on the idea of not doing/using campaigns in SFDC. I"d like to be able to make an informed decision about this.

He had also mentioned that Sales Insight could aid as a replacement for the need for campaigns too.

Can anyone provide some rational as to why we would want to do away w/SFDC campaigns and only use activities? Thoughts? Suggestions? Past experiences? Best Practices? This would all be much apprecaited.
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Re: Campaigns vs activities in SFDC

Hi Nichole! I've been a long time SFDC user and strongly recommend that you use SFDC campaigns to track prospects who have qualified for Marketing activities such as tradeshows, webinars, online advertising, web, etc. The benefit is that you can track campaign ROI and determine what Marketing campaigns are influencing the most closed/won deals. 

SFDC Activites are used more by the Sales team to be able to track sales follow up such as calling or emailing prospects.

Hope this helps!
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Re: Campaigns vs activities in SFDC

I'm with Michelle on this one, even if you have RCA to measure ROI in Marketo, you're getting a lot of value from using campaigns in SFDC e,g,:
  • list creation for sales/TM call back based on campaign membership/status
  • the campaign related list gives a summary on lead/contact/opportunity records showing which campaigns are having an impact
  • "response" count in SFDC - should mirror success in MKTO, but not everyone can see MKTO reports
  • general visibility in your sales org - they can all see campaigns but not necessarily all the detail in MKTO reports