Campaigns in SFDC

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Campaigns in SFDC

Can anyone provide a list of campaigns you recommend to have set up in SFDC to provide the level of detail & the type of information Sales would like to have available (since they are not users of Marketo)?

Thank you!
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Re: Campaigns in SFDC

Hi Suzanne,

I don't think there is a standard list of campaigns for companies that would help you in this case.  

From a tracking perspective, Sales probably just cares what campaigns are any of their contacts/leads being associated to and what their response has been.  So technically most* programs/campaigns that you are running in Marketo should have a correllating SFDC campaign.  

*I say most because there are exceptions where you might have smart campaigns that simply change people's status or updates a field and there is really no reason to have these in SFDC.

Rule of thumb for us internally is that any campaign that we could reasonably argue that revenue could be associated to should be a campaign in SFDC.

So for example:
If I sent an email to a lead and they click a link in this email and then tomorrow an opportunity gets created =>  I can reasonably say that this email campaign influenced the opportunity.

So typical campaigns that we may see:
-Email Campaigns
-Event Campaigns
-Content Campaigns (Downloading content from the website)
-Advertising Campaigns really depends on your business and how you are currently going to market, but hopefully you get the gist.

Hope that makes sense.  Let me know if there's any additional insight I can provide.
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Re: Campaigns in SFDC

Agree with Michael! We use campaigns to also provide insight to sales as to the details of what the program was and how there person interacted with the campaign (using the advanced settings on the SFDC  campaign) vs. simply responded, sent, etc. we custimize these so that sales can get an idea of exactly what the person did ex. stopped by booth, downloaed whitepaper, etc. we use these sames "statuses" for our lead progression steps in Marketo.
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Re: Campaigns in SFDC

Here are a few of the alerts that smart campaigns send to our sales reps that may help you get some ideas.  Many of these also generate Intersting Moments in Sales Insight.
  • Submits Contact Me Requests, Product Datasheet Request
  • Submitted 3+ Resource Requests in 6 Months
  • Visited Web Site
  • Suspect Lead Owner Change
  • Sales Email Bounced
  • Unsubscribed From Email
  • Email Forwarded
  • Forwarded Email Received
  • Shared Content (for Social App)
  • MQL Created
  • MQL SLA expiration reminder
  • SAL SLA expiration reminder
  • Trial Version Login

We also have the following reports we send our reps each week.
  • Top Website Visitors - Last 7 Days Report
  • Anonymous Website Visitors - Last 7 Days Report
  • Top Visiting Companies - Last 7 Days Report
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Re: Campaigns in SFDC

All of those are good ideas.

An important point is to get the Member Statuses right. If you use Marketo Programs, the Statuses match on either side, so just be sure your team understands what they mean.

If you are using a custom channel or creating your own SFDC Campaigns, get the Member Statuses right so the reps know what they are looking at.

You might also see my post on using SFDC Campaigns: