Cached Smart List - Refresh

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Cached Smart List - Refresh

Recently, we noticed that a few of our smart list was not pulling in the correct number of leads. After doing some research, we found out that the smart list has been cached.

So, we refreshed it (see photo below).


This was the status of the smart list before it was refreshed with the lead count of 1903. After it was refreshed, the lead count was only 45.


Does anyone know what is happening? Do we need to create a ticket for this?

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Re: Cached Smart List - Refresh

Hi Albert,

When some smart lists take too much time to execute, Marketo automatically "caches" them. It may happen more often when you are using complex filters. There is not much you can do about it, AFAIK. Quite often, when you refresh it, the cache stops and it reverts to normal behavior.