Bulk Import Time

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Bulk Import Time

We are going to use "Bulk Import" to connect a snowflake DB with our Marketo instance. We will only be inserting person info once per day. I understand the size limitations on import load per day. A question my dev team had was once a job is queued, how long will it take for the file to be imported? 


Reason for the ask is they will need to wait for a response to make sure the batch was processed properly and they need to ping the endpoint to get that response. Is there a general SLA or average timing around success and failure messages I could send them?

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Re: Bulk Import Time

Hi @Jason-Krall 

Not sure of the best recommended SLA. However, I have used on 1 hour on average before polling the batch id to check for completion.


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Re: Bulk Import Time

Sounds like something that should use exponential retry logic.


The time to process the file will of course depend on the file size. If it's 50,000 records, maybe an hour. If it's a million, several hours. Sorry I can't pin it down more, but likely you will know after a few uploads.