Bulk Extract API Issues

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Bulk Extract API Issues

Currently, we're trying to setup exports through the Bulk Extract API and have hit a few challenges. The API limits are VERY low which we are currently trying to increase. Along with that though, the data itself is causing issues. Specifically:

1) emailID issues: When exporting activities, the emailID is not always the emailID you can identify. When creating an email, it is assigned an email ID which is visible in the URL. For example, 1234. However, if you do any type of A/B testing on the subject line the emailID will change based on the number of subject lines you have. If you have two subject lines, the system will create three assets - one for each subject line tested and then the final send. Unfortunately, this now changes the email ID to 1237 in extracted activities. The issue here is that there is nowhere in the backend where you can match up this new emailID.

2) test variants: When extracting activities again, with A/B testing, the test variant in that case is the subject line. Versus returning the subject line, it returns an integer. Again, there's no way to match up the integer to the actual subject line tested and w/out the subject line the reporting is not very helpful.

3) send date / summary report: There's no way to export a list of deployments that would include all email variables (from, subject line, etc.) AND also get the send date. All of the other variables are available through the REST endpoint GETEMAILS but not the send date.

We've encountered other issues / limitations in what you can export through the Bulk Extract API. Has anyone else had these issues or something similar? It would be great if we could add more fields to the Bulk Extract and include all the criteria that we need especially since the REST API is extremely limited in the number of calls you can make / data return.