Building a general "Contact Us" form

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Building a general "Contact Us" form

I'm trying to create a general "Contact Us" form that will do two things:
1) Save the person's contact info in SalesForce as a lead - EXCEPT for one field, which will be a general comment/inquiry box.
2) Email the form contents to a designated email address.

My questions are:
1) Is there a way to create the form without having to map a comment box to SF?
2) Are we able to manipulate the form mechanism so the form submission goes directly to a specific email address?

Thanks for your help!
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Re: Building a general "Contact Us" form

Hey Olivia,

1. If you go into Admin - Field Management - New Custom Field - you can create your own field for the comments and have it not map to the CRM.


2. You can make a smart campaign with the Filled out Form trigger and have the flow contain rules as to who the alert would go to (ex: by lead owner, segment, email domain, etc)... is this what you mean?