Re: Bizible - Salesforce Integration, Out of date?

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Bizible - Salesforce Integration, Out of date?

Hi Marketo Community!


I am trying to instal the Bizible managed package in salesforce. Upon installing it and opening the tab there is a text displaying "We Moved" with a hyperlink which leads me to a "Server Error! There seems to be an error with the server.".


Has anyone experienced this? 


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Bizible - Salesforce Integration, Out of date?

A little late to this post, but I wanted to add some context here + best practices for installing the Marketo Meausre (bizible package) in case it's useful for other folks. 


There are two items that can be installed in SalesForce: links to the installs can be found here;

  1. Base package: installed objects and custom fields on the out-of-the-box objects in SF (accounts, opportunities, leads, contacts, campaign. etc) and stock reports
  2. Dashboard package - generates a few dashboards for teams to use right away in SFDC

Quick checklist when installing the package and connecting to SalesForce: 

Checklist Item
Installation of Base Package
Installation of dashboards
Create a Marketo Measure User
Update the Marketo Measure Permission Sets
Marketo Measure Administrator Permission Set For Dedicated User  
View and Edit Converted Leads Permission Set  
Salesforce Marketing User Checkbox  
Add custom workflow + bulk updated (if applicable)
Remove Marketo Measure User from workflows/automation (if applicable)  
Add Marketo Measure Data to page layouts (if applicable)
Connect the account in Marketo Measure


Thoughts on automation/workflows/data in SF: 

When connecting Bizible and SF it's important to make sure that there are no automation or workflows that will be triggered if bizible updates a custom bizible field on the non-bizible objects. That may result in a lot of items being triggered. This link is really helpful to see what fields Bizible has read/write access to that will be useful for reviewing any workflows/automation connections:


Objects Created Relates to SFDC Object Definition Fields Added to SFDC Objects
Buyer Touchpoint Lead, Contact It's the data related to the marketing touchpoints generated by Leads and Contacts
Buyer Attribution Touchpoint Contact, Account, Opportunity It displays the attribution data related to the marketing touchpoints
Marketo Measure Person Lead, Contact Relates the Lead + Contact together - do NOT display revenue information. Information tied together based on email address (BP ID)
Marketo Measure A/B Testing Lead, Contact, Opportunity If you are running A/B tests through Optimizely or VWO (Visual Web Optimizer), you can connect those accounts to your Marketo Measure account to view A/B test data within Salesforce
Marketo Measure Events Lead, Contact, Opportunity track specific events that occur on your website - custom code is needed. The purpose of this Object is to see if people are taking specific actions on your website