Bizible ROI Reports in SFDC?

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Bizible ROI Reports in SFDC?

Has anyone had success creating ROI reports in SFDC using Bizible Attribution Touchpoints? I'm trying to figure out how to tie Bizible Attribution Touchpoint (engagement) to campaigns (cost) and opportunities (revenue).

I'm hoping to develop a simple campaign ROI metric that divides attributable revenue by campaign cost. These ROI figures could then be grouped by their respective channels.

Can an SFDC custom report type relate all 3 of those objects?

Thanks in advance for your brainpower!

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Re: Bizible ROI Reports in SFDC?

All the channel and campaign level metrics, including ROI, you'll find in the bizible app dashboards.

If you're trying to build a custom report anyway, while I've never tried, you would need to go through i) Campaigns to get ii) Campaign members to get iii) Leads and iv) Contacts to get v) Bizible Person to get vi) Bizible Attribution Touchpoint.

Play around and let me know how you go