Bizible + Marketo Integration

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Bizible + Marketo Integration

Hi Marketo community!


I'm new to Bizible and getting up to speed on the platform and best practices. One thing I have noticed with my current instance is that Bizible is integrated to SFDC but not Marketo. That seems like a misstep to me but then again, I don't know. Does anyone have any thoughts/experience you'd be willing to share? 




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Re: Bizible + Marketo Integration

Hi @ckh!


So Bizible being integrated with only SFDC isn't necessarily a misstep. They can do the same thing for the most part, but there is the added granularity for certain use cases with the Marketo integration if that is something you are looking for. 


At a pretty high level, here are some high level things to consider:


The Bizible/Marketo integration can help you capture TPs on People, Programs and Activities

- People: you can bring Marketo leads directly into Bizible, the advantages could be faster, easier and less error-prone than routing through the CRM as a middleman. You can associate any touchpoint with a person once a Bizible Person is created, not much Marketo programs/activities.

- Programs: Use this to show Marketo channel performance alongside all other channels in Bizible. Will require you to map your programs to channels the same way you have done with CRM campaigns!  Also note, if you are syncing your Marketo programs to SFDC campaigns, you could add touchpoints (TPs) to the SFDC campaigns, and this would be similar to using the Marketo/Bizible integration and putting touchpoints on your Marketo program. 

- Activities: You can sync these activities to touchpoints for buyer behaviors such as opens an email, attends a webinar, etc. Again, you can also do this with CRM campaign sync to your Marketo programs. However, the advantage here is you can also do things such as create a TP for something such as a Marketo interesting moment custom activity. 🙂 


Hope this helps!