Best practices on email frequency

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Best practices on email frequency

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has data on how to conciliate a weekly nurture stream with ad hoc emails without sending too much communication and annoying readers. Would suspending the nurture on a week where ad hoc communication needs to be sent the best option?


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Re: Best practices on email frequency

Hi Caroline,

I would suggest to set communication limits for all emails, not just nurture. It's a good practice to limit a maximum of 2 emails per week, else you would have more unsubscribed. However if you have to focus on a specific program, you could use a custom score field to add +1 when an email is sent, and use the filter Custom Field is not greater than 2 to ensure we send a maximum of 2 emails per week - and set the field to 0 each week by a recurring campaign

Hope this helps,


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Re: Best practices on email frequency

Hi Caroline, I agree with Balkar in that you should have communication limits set, but it's incredibly important that you test to see what really influences your audience. It depends on what kind of emails you're sending to your audience, as well as the interaction that you're seeing. Test, test, test!

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Re: Best practices on email frequency

And if you decide to set restrictions like this, be sure to properly classify those emails that are operational.  For example, let's say you set comms limits to 2/week.  If you send out a marketing email early in the week and then an invitation to an event later in the week, if you don't classify the "confirmation email" as operational, the registrant will never receive it.