Best Practice for Event Communications

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Best Practice for Event Communications

Hi Everyone!

I am new to Marketo and will be creating (many) event-related emails and communications at various frequencies and cadences. 

I am a bit confused on smart campaigns and how to properly set them up and defining triggers vs filters and whats appropriate.

For instance - we are creating an email that will go to all leads in the Boston area within a set vertical for an event in 8 weeks. We will define success in our first email by how many clicks we get on our landing page link. At the same time, we want to identify who is registering as a result of these emails (the landing page will be a 'learn more' and also a 'registration' page for those receiving the email). 

What is the best way to set up a smart campaign (Triggers, Filters, etc) for this? 

We plan on doing weekly communications to this audience (of course, those who register will not be receiving registration reminder emails) to gain awareness and numbers for our event. --I am looking for best practice advice and what people have found work and what you can recommend.

Thank you! 

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Re: Best Practice for Event Communications

It sounds like you don't know where to start, you've got a lot of small questions in your one post, your 'how to' questions can be answered by looking up docs.

You should research creating an event program template. Your requirements suggest you need at a minimum:

  1. an event program configured to meet your needs (channel steps, tags, and 'my' tokens)
  2. a form to capture registrations (can be a global one)
  3. a landing page to display event details and the registration form
  4. an email asset of the invitation
  5. a batch smart campaign for sending out invitations
  6. a trigger smart campaign listening for form fills on the specific landing page to change program status