Best Landing Page Builder

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Best Landing Page Builder

Hi All-

I am looking for everyone's opinion on the best landing page builder if you do not have a dedicated developer and if you want a high level of customization and a/b testing capabilities.  Can't lose much functionality and tracking compared to what marketo landing pages and builder offers.  Any comments on pros and cons is always helpful.

  1. Marketo Builder
  2. Unbounce
  3. Lander
  4. Knak.
  5. Instapage
  6. Other?

Thank you!

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Re: Best Landing Page Builder

Hey Nate,

Fantastic question. I am a little biased given I'm the founder of Knak, but here is why I believe Knak is the best option:

Knak enables Marketo Marketers to create a template in Knak and then sync it to Marketo. This allows you to keep your valuable assets IN Marketo, and not in some third party system. Why does this matter?

  • You can use native Marketo forms. This allows you to leverage Munchkin and do pre-fill and use form filled out triggers/filters
  • You can use Marketo dynamic content and tokens. This isn't possible with other tools
  • Your analytics are all in one place. You don't need to go to other platforms to see how your campaigns are performing
  • We do BOTH emails and landing pages, all in one platform

If you haven't already, I'd encourage you to give Knak a try. It was built by a couple of Marketo champions, for Marketo users. Let me know what you think!