Best email program for multiple one-off emails

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Best email program for multiple one-off emails


I am setting up a new email campaign in Marketo where I will be sending a one-off email (showcasing a blog post) twice a month. To set this up my first thought was to create an Email Send program for each one-off email but this would eventually result in multiple email send programs with separate dashboards. This seems like a messy way to set this up especially as each email will be sent to the same audience/smart list.

I will also want to compare performance metrics for each email so if multiple email send programs is the way to go, I was thinking of creating a specific "blog" channel so I could filter to this channel and compare all blog email sends within Email Insights.

Can someone confirm this is the best way to setup this campaign? Is there any way to setup just ONE email program and then continuously add a new one-off email to be sent to the same smart list? The email send date will NOT be consistent so I will need to manually plug in the date/time for each one.

Appreciate any help/feedback!


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Re: Best email program for multiple one-off emails

Hi Elizabeth,

You cannot use a unique email program since, once ou have sent the email once, you cannot use it again. So

  • Either you use a unique standard program in which you add emails every other week and update the smart campign flow step. You will be able to create an email performance report in this program that will provide you with emails stats.
  • Or you use multiple email programs that you clone every other week, update the email content and shoot (the smart list being the same). You can indeed set a new channel for this one to ease reporting. And you can also use email perf reports.

I would personally prefer to use a new email program for each send.