BCC just emails from one program?

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BCC just emails from one program?

We are sending personalized emails such that a link is generated by a set of SFDC custom objects, individual to a leads SFDC record.  This set of objects changes and thus so does the link generated. We want to store the value of the links sent on Monday so we can resnd that link to a lead on friay if necessary (after data changes).

We thought a BCC to a internal account could store the emails and thus the link but are told BCC is a global paramter only.

Any ideas?

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Re: BCC just emails from one program?

Couldn't you just create a smart campaign that would populate the value of a field with the same value of this link that's generated? Even if it's possible to store the emails with the link, how would you be able to utilize that link again in the future? It sounds like you're just going to have an inbox full of emails that have a link that you'll have to manually pull to put into a field to add to a new email.