Auto Merging Leads & Repeat Scoring

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Auto Merging Leads & Repeat Scoring

We have a few issues within our lead database where leads seem to be merging automatically without manual input. It tells us this in the activity log. Does anyone have any feedback as to how or why this may happen?

We also have noticed a few leads that seem to have been repeatedly demographically scored for job title and industry (custom field). A Marketo consutlant has looked and cannot seem to find anything - but we know that this can't be right. Has anyone got any ideas?

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Re: Auto Merging Leads & Repeat Scoring

When the leads merge automatically, is it after they completed some action? For example, filling out a form? If a form is submitted and the email address field is not included, Marketo may be merging records based on tracking information alone.

For example, say I have an event registration page and do not ask for email address. Then, one person from the company registers 6 different people. Marketo would merge those 6 people into one lead because the form was completed from the same computer and there was no email address to differentiate the people.

For the second issue - could this be related? Perhaps lead A was scored and lead B was scored then they were merged to create lead C. Now lead C would appear to have been scored twice.

If you attached an activity history of a lead that is exhibiting one of these issues, it would help. And, of course, Marketo support is always great to reach out to.