App for validating CSVs before uploading to Marketo

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App for validating CSVs before uploading to Marketo


I'm wondering if anyone knows of any apps that integrate with Marketo that allow us to upload new lead files, do a number of validation checks and then imports the list into Marketo?

I don't want to upload CSVs directly into Marketo becasue as far as i'm aware it doesn't do validation checks before importing.



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Re: App for validating CSVs before uploading to Marketo

Could you be more specific about what you're trying to validate?  Excel is perfectly capable of performing this kind of validation, but it'll be largely dependent on what exactly you're trying to accomplish.

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Re: App for validating CSVs before uploading to Marketo

Hey Rashida,

I have a feeling that Brite Verify is the closest to what you're looking for.

Depending on what you're wanting to do with "validation," you can accomplish some things by an operational program with smart campaigns that can clean data. I've heard some people coin this a "data washing machine." That could do things like: do basic filtering and marketing suspending of leads based on the rules you come up with (e.g., blacklisting competitors or marketing suspending people who have email addresses or sites that you frequently determine as fake). You could upload leads into this

Here are some other data management smart campaigns I've seen people do well:

  • Standardize country from "US" and "USA" (etc.) to "United States"
  • Standardize Job Role from job titles, e.g., if someone comes in with a job title of "c.e.o.", the smart campaign can watch for this and assign a job role of "Executive"
  • Marketing suspend leads who have phone numbers with inappropriate amounts of digits
  • Verify that an email address is both valid and email-able, contains "@", and isn't a generic email address
  • Marketing suspend leads who have invalid names (e.g., Micky Mouse and Bill Gates)

For pre-Marketo upload email verification via CSVs, I think Brite Verify is your best option. They'll spit you back if an email address is valid and email-able or not. For Marketo email verification through webhooks (i.e., checking to see if email addresses are valid and email-able after they've been imported into Marketo but before being emailed), StrikeIron and Etumos Verify are options.


Edward Unthank | Founder, Etumos

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Re: App for validating CSVs before uploading to Marketo

Hi Rashida,

In Marketo we cannot verify the emails but they are tools available from where you can verify the email address before you upload into Marketo, find some of the links below:

1) Verify Email Address [free to verify single email address, if you want to verify bulk ids then you can go ahead with bulk packages they have]

2) Kickbox​ [first 100 is free to verify but cheaper than Brite Verify]

Hope this answers your question.

Let me know if you have any clarifications.

Best Regards,


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Re: App for validating CSVs before uploading to Marketo

Thanks for the suggestions. Email address is not the only validation that needs to take place. Other validations/checks that need to happen include

- valid country

- valid state

- valid email address

- valid options on custom select lists (company size range, qualifying questions etc.)

We have data standardising (cleaning) campaigns already running and we have a tool our web developers built for us that bulk uploads leads and does the necessary checks it submits to SOA (middleware) and SOA then syncs these leads to Marketo. It's great, however any changes we want or any new fields we want added needs to go through our web developers and I was hoping there was a tool out there that the marketing team can manage.