API for product information

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API for product information

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I'm not sure, if anyone else already has had this topic. So let me try to explain my question.

We would like to use Marketo for sending personalized E-Mails (i.e.) to our leads. Therefore we have a HTML template which is build up with a header, a small lead text and then a number of products. These "product information" always have the same structure (image, headline, description, price).

Instead of create all of these E-Mails manually, we'd like to set up the logic inside Marketo. So if a lead is interested in product X in our online-shop but doesn't buy it, Marketo should send an E-Mail which relates to this product. But because we have about 500'000 products in our shop, it's no option to create a campaign for each of these products in advance. Marketo should get these information "on the fly" by pushing a request to our product information system. In our case the PIM will deliver the informaiton (image, header, description, price) to Marketo.

The key question is: does Marketo have such an API to get product information of a 3rd party application? Does anyone had a similar issue?

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Re: API for product information

Hi Marcel,

Yes, Marketo has REST API.


You'd need to sync to Marketo custom object records (e.g. "product interest") via REST API and then populate emails with their details. It's a standard scenario for Marketo custom objects.