AI (Artificial Intelligence) is no more the future!!

Marketo Employee

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is no more the future!!

Hello Marketo Nation,

AI is no more the future!! It's here and it's here to stay! we interact with smart and AI-driven systems every day making our lives better.

Now it's even true to every Marketo customer! We are super excited to introduce predictive audiences (AI/ML-driven features) into Marketo mainstream experience!! We believe these exciting features will improve marketers day to day life by helping them achieve their goals more effectively.


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How can you use them today?
Currently, we have released these features as a closed beta.  Get a headstart on exploring this latest & new features by joining our Beta program by signing the Adobe DX Closed Beta Agreement (and specify, as your Adobe Contact)! 


Beta Instructions and Feature overview

Have some interesting thoughts to share or simply interested to chat about Marketo or B2B marketing?
Awesome! I am Sreekanth, Product Manager at Marketo. Always interested in knowing what our customer thinking and make Marketo a product that you love. Please feel free to book a slot with my calendar link below.

Know more about the Predictive audiences and Beta program from the link below:

Here one of the customers share their success story with Predictive Audiences features:

Thoughts from Justin Norris: