Adding Standalone events to Calendar

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Adding Standalone events to Calendar

We have a lot of events we want to add to the calendar, sometimes months in advance for a complete view of what's coming. There may be no corresponding events or programs created in Marketo at this time (or in some cases ever.) I understand that to do this, you have to select another event on the calendar and get into "Show Program Focus". The problem with that is whatever you select becomes the "parent" of the calendar item you are adding. So you end up with events seen as a "child" to some random event that you selected, just to be able to get into Program Focus view.

Also: we have created a number of custom entry types. There should be a way to "select all" to view the calendar.

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Re: Adding Standalone events to Calendar

We've actually created a handful of programs in Marketo that function solely to house events that we want on the calendar. For example, we put internal company events on the calendar (like field days, holiday parties, etc.) so we don't accidentally plan marketing programs at the same time. To this end, we created a custom calendar entry type and put them all under a program called Internal Company Events. This has actually worked quite well for us so far.