Active vs inactive contacts

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Active vs inactive contacts

Hello All,

Is anyone setting contacts as active or inactive in their Marketo instance.

I'm thinking the active contacts should be getting different messaging to the inactives.  It will also help results, deliverability, sender reputation and so on.

So its two simple campaigns to set active as true or false based on email opens in the last 90 days.

Just wondered how others deal with this.



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Re: Active vs inactive contacts

Hi Mark,

We do something similar, although we call the status 'Engaged' rather than active. To measure this, we've got a operational smart campaign that listens for any program status change. This definition is a bit more broad that yours, but could work the same way. If you're using Opens as a program status in your programs you could use those triggers for your Engaged smart campaign as well.

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Re: Active vs inactive contacts


I've set leads to Active and Inactive, and there are two separate smart lists that split the leads into two categories and then I use those two smart lists to build out the segmented lists to do specific campaigns to.  The messaging should be different based on if they are active or inactive.  I also have a smart campaign set up that triggers a field change to Active or Inactive dependent on what list they get added to, or when their list membership changes.

I wouldn't base it just on email opens in the last 90 days though, as open rates aren't the best metric to work with due to how email programs 'open' some emails for users to check the content.  I'd suggest using a number of filters - opened email, clicked link, visited web page, downloaded, filled out form etc.

Hope this helps