Accessing Opportunity Info Fields

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Accessing Opportunity Info Fields

Hi all,

On opening a lead account form the database, I am only able to view the Opportunity Info details by clicking on the Opportunity Info tab, but cannot access or use them; say in my email templates or for programming smart campaigns.

I have attached a screenshot of one of our leads who has 2 opportunities here.

Could you guys help me out with this ? As in, what must be the way so that I can access fields like Opportunity Name, Owner, Account Name [all from the screenshot attached] etc. , basically to use them as tokens in my email campaigns and as smart list rules for certain programs.

Thanks a lot !


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Re: Accessing Opportunity Info Fields

This is an idea and looks like something that can be accomplished through email scripting.

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Re: Accessing Opportunity Info Fields

As Jennifer noted, you can use Email Scripting for this in emails.  If you're trying to use opportunity info for smart list rules, you'll want to use the "has opportunity" filter or "added to opportunity" trigger.  You can then filter against individual fields on opportunities through the 'add constraint' button on each of these which will allow you to filter on fields in opportunities.