ABM reporting -- how does your org pass data to sales?

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ABM reporting -- how does your org pass data to sales?

Hey everyone,

We're now running a number of campaigns for target accounts across different channels and platforms:

  • Marketo for nurture, events, etc
  • Terminus for banner ads
  • LinkedIn for sponsored content

Some of the data is easy to come by...we have all of our programs in Marketo synced to SFDC campaigns for activity from known leads. But, for a lot of our campaigns in Terminus and LinkedIn, we aren't really gating much content since we don't want to interfere with prospects downloading our content. That said, there's now a whole set of 'shadow activity' in the form of clicks, that we aren't necessarily sending to sales because it isn't as accessible in the way a response would be to say, gated content.

I'm curious to see how others are quantifying and passing this information to their sales orgs. Are you essentially providing reports of activity, organized by target account? Somehow incorporating some of that data into Marketo or SFDC?

Thanks for sharing!

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Re: ABM reporting -- how does your org pass data to sales?

Hi Trask,

We do this in multiple ways. First, do you use Marketo Sales Insights? I know it's more for the lead/contact object, but you can map the interesting moment field to a custom field on the account level. That way you pull the latest interesting moment on the account level. Second, I find actual email alerts are what sales responds to the most. So, you can run a trigger/batch campaign that take targeted accounts through a serious of qualifications, (registered for webinar, visited web site 3xs+, dowloaded white paper), then send an alert like "Target Account Recent Activity". Third, if your sales reps respond more to activities, you can create an activity like a call in Salesforce from the same trigger/batch campaign. There are definitely way more ideas on this topic, so let me know if you have any specific questions.