A/B Test Group - Variant URLs? (for Crazy Egg)

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A/B Test Group - Variant URLs? (for Crazy Egg)

Please reference this Crazy Egg Help Center URL:

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I had thought this would be possible, but don't see where I can access one of my two landing pages in an A/B Test Group, directly. We want to test our latest landing page designs, not just based on on-page conversions, but also gain some insight as to how each page is being used.

With them sharing a URL, it doesn't look like Crazy Egg supports this, so I'm curious if anybody else has had luck here. I really like Crazy Egg's heatmaps and scrollmaps to gain insight into what's happening on the page, but don't see how I can use Crazy Egg in combination with Marketo's A/B Test setup.


Any chance Marketo has similar ScrollMap / HeatMap tracking on their road map?