3 or more Workspaces with one CRM (Salesforce)

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3 or more Workspaces with one CRM (Salesforce)


Is it possible to have/connect 3 workspaces with one Salesforce,

I think that we can came up with a backed campaign that updates a value = name of the workspace and them on SF be able to see it (by governance) would it work? or do you have a better idea on how to do it?

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Re: 3 or more Workspaces with one CRM (Salesforce)

Hi Christian,

Keeping in mind that you can only sync (1) CRM instance with (1) Marketo instance, the short answer is that yes this is possible.

You'll just want to be sure that the smart campaigns that push the leads to Salesforce are located in a workspace that can access the leads.

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Tom Kerlin