Why Subscribe to Smart Lists Could Have Been Your Idea

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If you have been a Marketo customer for longer than a 6 months you probably know that has been the top requested customer idea in Community for several years. To be exact, it was posted Dec 6, 2010, the day our first Community launched. Now, almost 5 years later the Marketo Product Team is excited to say it has become a reality. The long sought after product enhancement allows marketers to export a smart list and email it to the stakeholders that are not using Marketo e.g. Sales or Telemarketing teams as well as exports that can be scheduled daily, weekly or monthly.

It is not only the longest running customer idea, but it is the most voted on idea with over 8,400 points (840 votes) and needless to say, our customers are excited!

​, Marketing Operations Manager at DuoSecurity and 4x Champion said, "I'm so glad that subscribe to smart lists is finally here! My daily productivity has already increased having smart lists I would review on a daily basis just land in my inbox and I can easily see which ones need attention and which ones don't. THANK YOU, MARKETO. I Heart you."

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At Marketo, we take the section of our Community very seriously. Since launch we receive an average of 83 ideas a month, and we've had almost 400 total customer ideas put into our product. Some of you may be thinking...there is no way the Product Team actually looks at every idea! But I am here to tell you that they do! Here’s our internal process: The Product Team checks ideas regularly on their own time, but I meet with them weekly to review ideas together and assign them status' such as "We like it!" or "Already Have It". Each time we update a status an email alert is triggered to the author. We are doing our best to get caught up so eventually we can respond within a week of you posting. (If you aren't receiving these, you can Set Up Email Preferences.)

Subscribe to Smart Lists being completed is the result of our customers being relentless and dedicated to making our product better. But as you know, it is the little extra efficiencies that can make your day! , Consultant and 4x Champion said, "I love this feature! I was always bummed that I had to create a report just to get the list. It's another little thing that Marketo added that makes such a big difference!"

Now, not all feature requests have this kind of impact or take as long to complete; there are plenty of customer ideas that are a simple fix such as and others that take weeks to months such as . And then of course, there are the majority that engineering may never have the time to work on...but there is one thing that can push an idea to the forefront -- votes! So it's just as important to share your ideas and vote on those you want as it is to post them.

If you have never submitted an idea in Community, don't be shy! A best practice is to post the idea while it's fresh in your mind and always search first, because with over 5,000 ideas in Community it is likely someone else has already posted it! If they have, vote it up...if not, submit away!

Customer product ideas in Community are important for two reasons: they help shape Marketo's Product Roadmap and they encourage direct communication and collaboration between our customers and the Product Team.

Shape Marketo's Product Roadmap

Your voice can help shape our product roadmap. The more you use Marketo, the more you'll think of new and innovative ways to use the product, and we want to hear them! You can express your excitement, love, support, challenges, dislikes, and constructive feedback. We value your input so much, , VP, Product Management, added a "Customer Love" session to our annual Marketing Nation Summit a few years ago which specifically highlights customer generated ideas from Community, such as . We rely on you in a big way to tell us what will help you be successful, so please continue to use this channel to your advantage. 

Communicate and Collaborate

Whether you have a marketing team of 20 or one, being your company’s Marketo admin is a big responsibility. As you know, Marketo is a robust marketing automation tool that is often not used to it's full (or correct) capacity. This is where the Marketing Nation Community is crucial to success; if you stumble across a question or a challenge you can't figure out you can ask one of the 50,000 marketers in Community. This collaboration sparks ideas and pushes our customers to innovate the product with us, creating a collaboration and open dialog that is something we're proud of.

I hope you have a better understanding of our process and you feel empowered and motivated to participate. We are very excited to continue to work with you to push the boundaries of what Marketo can do for you and your business. If you have comments about this blog or our ideas process, I'd love to hear from you in the comments below.