What Does 2017 Have In Store For You As A Marketo Customer?

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Last week was Marketo's 2017 Revenue Kickoff Meeting in San Francisco. It was a great opportunity for all our sales and marketing employees and 200+ partners (for the first time ever!) from around the world to align on what we're going to do this year...and, of course, have some fun.

So what can you expect from Marketo in 2017? First and foremost, you can expect us to double down on helping you win in the new "engagement economy."

As you know, in our digital world, everyone and everything is connected and relationships between buyers and sellers have fundamentally changed. As a result, buyer expectations have gone way up. In fact, we looked at some interesting research at the meeting about buyer expectations from one of our partners, Wunderman, that showed:

  • 79% of buyers only consider brands that show they understand and care about "me"
  • 63% of the best brands exceed expectations across the entire customer journey
  • 88% of buyers want to engage with brands that are setting new standards
  • 89% of buyers are loyal to brands that share their values

The only way to win in this new engagement economy is to deliver authentic and personalized experiences at scale. Therefore, our focus this year is on helping you transform the way you reach and engage with people by continuing to improve our Marketo Engagement Platform, so you can listen to customer behaviors, learn what each individual customer wants, and engage your customers intelligently wherever they are.

At the meeting, we all practiced engaging in an authentic and personalized way in real time with the cutest puppies ever!


Steve Lucas, CEO, getting personal with a puppy


Karen Steele, VP of Corporate Marketing, building a new relationship

Steve clearly laid out Marketo's promise to all our customers: We will empower you to create lasting relationships and grow revenue.

We know you want to win and Marketo is here to help you do just that. Here's to a great 2017!