Welcome to your new homepage!

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Hello members of the Marketing Nation!

As you may have noticed when you logged in today, the homepage is slightly different. We hope you like it!


We are always trying to make it easy for you, our customers and partners, to navigate the Community and easily find what you need to be successful. We even did some research in June to get your feedback. See

Here is what has changed :

  • Hero: As you can see the large image at the top (what we call the hero) has remained. We will continue to promote important events, announcements and opportunities in this spot regularly.
  • 6 CTAs: We tried to simplify these CTAs based on your feedback and based on key areas of the site that will help you navigate Community as well as get started with Marketo. These buttons are to help all levels of Marketo users as well as newbies to Community find what they need. We chose only 6 (opposed to the 10 I got feedback on) to make the page cleaner.
    • NOTE: Don't forget to utilize the top global navigation and the super ball drop down to find important pages also!
  • 3 smaller buttons: If you remember, these were larger stock images used to promote other announcements, opportunities and events, like upcoming webinars. We decided to adjust the real estate these CTAs were using to put more focus on the 6 CTAs above, but we will still use them to promote secondary events and announcements. Some may stay more constant than others, such as Join a User Group.

If you have feedback, please feel free to provide it here in the comments!