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Using Program Status in a Lead Scoring Program

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I believe this is an idea worth trying: Set up program statuses as part of your lead scoring model.

You need to  creete a new program that would be your Lead Scoring Program.

They way we normally set up lead scoring is through an operational program, therefore it could be tricky to define status.

So this is my recommendation on how program statuses could be used in combination with Lead Scoring.

1. Create a lead scoring channel

Go to Admin / Tags / Channels

Create new Channel:  Lead Scoring (Make that applicable to your default program)

When you create the channel choose Operational from Analytical Behavior

2. Define your different steps

Step 10: Membership

Step 20: Score over 50

Step 30: Score over 100

4. Define your success step.

In this case my success step would be Score over +50

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3. Set up your campaigns that will change the Program Statuses depending on your score values.

I would build this campaigns in the same program.