The 25 Elements Marketo Tests in Emails

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Here are 25 elements you can test in your emails:

  1. Subject line
  2. From name
  3. Day of week sent
  4. Time of day sent
  5. Cadence
  6. Links vs. buttons
  7. Image-based CTAs vs. HTML CTAs (aka bulletproof buttons)
  8. HTML vs. text
  9. Subject line character length
  10. Social sharing icons
  11. Preheader text (text preview following the subject line)
  12. Personalization–first name, company name, address, etc.
  13. Header height
  14. One column vs. two columns vs. three columns
  15. Video in email
  16. Using lists and numbers
  17. P.S. note in email footer
  18. Using trust icons
  19. CTA placement
  20. Short copy vs. long copy
  21. Social proof
  22. Mobile optimization
  23. Special characters in subject line
  24. Declutter
  25. Resending to non-openers

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Happy testing!