MS Dynamics : Where is my Marketo Config

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In some Dynamics CRM deployments, we have seen that Marketo’s solution for Dynamics CRM integration, fails to add it’s items to the Settings menu of Dynamics CRM after you import it and publish the customizations.

It is usually caused by CRM ribbon issues. The lack of Marketo entities in the menu doesn’t mean that the solution import failed, most likely the opposite, but in such scenario, you will need to access the new Marketo entities using the “Advanced Find”.

You can find the Advanced Find button in CRM 2015 and 2016 at the top right corner.

In CRM 2013 it’s located on the entity screen. Simply navigate to any entity, lead or contact for example and follow this screenshot:

In CRM 2011, the Advanced Find is located on the top ribbon.

After you click on the Advanced Find button.

On the Advanced Find window, in the “Look For” drop down, pick the Marketo entity you are looking for, for example - Marketo Config and press Results.

The search results will look exactly like opening the entity form the Setting menu, for example, in case you have chosen Marketo Config entity, you should see the following search results:

Good luck with the rest of the implementation!