Merge a Marketo Field with a Microsoft Dynamics Field

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

If you've been using Marketo as a standalone system and have created custom fields, once you've integrated with Microsoft Dynamics (aka MSD) you may see similarly named fields sync into Marketo. Merging fields is a trick Adobe support and services can do to combine a Marketo only field with a MSD field.



  • Adobe support won’t be able to merge a field if the type doesn’t match the field you are merging with. They can only merge a string field with a string field. Finally, they won’t be able to merge a date with a datetime field. They won’t be able to merge the Marketo only field if it is in use (Used in a Smart List, Smart Campaign, etc)

Merging begins with selecting which field to start the setup, the losing field, it should be the Marketo only field. You also need to provide Adobe Support with the field you are merging with, this is called the Target Field. This should be the MSD field and it will be the field which will remain after the merge. Finally, during the merge setup you need to specify which value will win. If your MSD field is newly created then choose the Marketo field since it probably has data in it. Otherwise choose which field you think has the most accurate data.


Merging fields may take some time and once started it cannot be canceled. Once the merge is completed the merged field will no longer exist in Marketo.


Checklist of information to provide Adobe support

  • Names of the fields to be merged and which field will need to be selected first during the merge setup process. This should be the Marketo only field. 
  • Confirm the two merged fields are of the same field type
  • Confirm all the fields to be merged are not being using in any Smart Lists, Smart Campaigns, etc
  • Determine which value will win for each merge