Marketo Engage support lifecycle for sync to Microsoft Dynamics On-prem

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Following the Microsoft Lifecycle Policy update, Marketo recommends customers to upgrade their Microsoft Dynamics CRM to versions within Mainstream support.  The following update to Marketo product support outlook is to remain consistent with the guidelines provided by Microsoft.  The Marketo Engage products – Microsoft Dynamic Sync Connector and Marketo Sales Insight for Microsoft Dynamics CRM – will have the following support lifecycle. By understanding this, customers can stay on top of their plans for their IT investments. 




Microsoft Mainstream Support End Date

Microsoft Extended Support End Date

Marketo Engage Sync and MSI Support End Date

Dynamics CRM 2011

12th Jul 2016

13th Jul 2021

18th Aug 2021

Dynamics CRM 2013

8th Jan 2019

9th Jan 2024

13th Oct 2021

Dynamics CRM 2015

14th Jan 2020

14th Jan 2025

13th Oct 2021

Dynamics CRM 2016

14th Jan 2021

13th Jan 2026

29th Jun 2022

Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement Apps, version 9 (on-premises update)

12th Jan 2027

9 Jan, 2029

12th Jan 2027


Once into extended support Microsoft will stop any feature development and issuing non-security updates or hotfixes. Also, you may start to run into the compatibility issues with related software. Marketo Engage’s support on issues will therefore be limited because of dependencies on Microsoft. 


From the date of Marketo Engage Sync and MSI Support End Date, Marketo will provide new feature updates only on higher versions of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Customers would be advised to consider an upgrade of their Microsoft Dynamics CRM instance.  Customers considering an upgrade would be encouraged to take up CRM Online (Dynamics 365 CRM for Customer Engagement) as they would not need to worry about compatibility of their infrastructure and further upgrades as all of the server-side configurations are taken care of. Taking up CRM Online would mean lower administrative costs and a host of new features for your users.


Please reach out to your CSM regarding support to get steps to follow on Marketo Engage end to connect with your new Microsoft Dynamics CRM instance.