Lennox International Drives Customer and Employee Engagement With Marketo

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Today, Marketo announced that Lennox International Ltd., a leading manufacturing company, is leveraging the Marketo® Engagement Platform to build lasting relationships with customers and employees. From coupon-driven loyalty programs to field training, Lennox is able to listen to, learn from, and engage with individuals and measure the impact of its marketing activities.

Results include:

  • Enterprise-wide use of Marketo across 18 functions
  • Ability to track revenue from coupon-driven loyalty program
  • 12 percent increase in field training class size
  • 1,237 segmented email campaigns deployed in 2016

While the manufacturing industry is historically slow to adapt to change, Lennox knew it needed to stay relevant and top-of-mind with its customers by undergoing a complete digital transformation. This is why, in 2014, the 122-year-old company chose to implement Marketo.

Since adopting Marketo within its residential business unit, Lennox has engaged with its dealer base to promote field training classes, coupon-driven loyalty programs, digital product launches, and lead generation campaigns to deliver consistent and personalized brand messages to the field.

Lennox is refining the ways in which it engages customers throughout the buyer journey to impact sales positively and more efficiently provide training resources to its teams. By connecting Marketo with its e-commerce platform, Lennox is able to look at what products customers are buying and send them personalized and relevant promotional offerings that lead to more purchases.

"With Marketo, we have the ability to know who's buying, in what quantities, and where geographically," said Tom Towe, director of brand management, Lennox. "This helps the entire Lennox team to customize messages to improve engagement and also grow further in the areas where we are doing well."

To learn more about how Marketo helps other businesses in the manufacturing industry, visit Manufacturing Marketing: Grow the Bottom Line – Marketo .