Industry News: 9/14

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6 Tips to Create a Successful Mobile Marketing Plan

MarTech Advisor

This article provides best practices to marketers building out a mobile marketing strategy. Notably, the article highlights how marketers should spend time understanding their target audience in order to provide meaningful content and drive better results.

What Marketing Really Thinks About Your IT Organization


This piece highlights the importance of a strong CMO and CIO relationship and notes how the two departments can work together in the new technology-centric world.

Marketers Should Engage Engagement

Direct Marketing News

This article stresses that marketers need to focus on engaging their customers. Interestingly, the article notes how brands have been incorrectly measuring customer engagement, such as impressions or click rate.

The Most Common Mistakes Companies Make with Global Marketing

Harvard Business Review

This piece highlights the biggest challenges companies face when building out a global marketing strategy.