Here's What You Told Us: Marketo Brand Feedback

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Thanks SO MUCH to the more than 400 of you who took the survey asking for your thoughts on Marketo's logo and brand identity. We had a feeling that the Marketing Nation Community would be game to provide passionate feedback, and our hunch was right!

While we can't disclose the full results of where we landed quite yet, I wanted to share a few interesting tidbits that came out of both the survey you filled out and the dozens of conversations the Marketo Marketing team has been having with influencers, analysts, customers, partners, and other employees about the company's look and feel.

Brand Feedback:

  • For those of you who "love" or "like" the current Marketo logo, the top reason you cited was that it's familiar to you.
  • Of our new logo options, the ones you like best felt "modern" (among other things).
  • For the options you liked least, it's clear that you don't want anything boring, unoriginal, or disengaging.
  • More than half of you liked the potential new color palette.


  • The largest group to participate in the survey was Marketo customers.
  • The second largest group to participate where people who were both Marketo customers and partners.

We look forward to sharing more updates with you soon. Thank you for being part of the Marketing Nation!