Getting Started with Interactive Webinars

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Interactive Webinars is the latest capability offering in the Events and Webinar Marketing space intended to act as a one-stop solution to all the needs of an event marketer. Events are one of the high-impact and long-spanning marketing channels wherein the activities required to make the right impact are greater than some of the other channels.


The event lifecycle starts from planning events to scheduling individual events, from promoting events to sending registration confirmations, from configuring the event to delivering the event and from analyzing the event performance to nurturing the participants further for quicker conversion. All these activities are highly time-consuming, prone to errors, involve multiple tools and have a huge brand impact on the entire prospect base.


Interactive Webinars pack all these activities in a single solution that can help event marketers execute the event marketing lifecycle efficiently and effectively as well as increase the overall return on investment from one of the most effective marketing channels.


In this article, you will find short videos to acquaint yourselves with multiple functionalities in Interactive Webinars and how these work together to effectively deliver an Interactive Webinar that will not only delight your customers bringing them closer to your brand/products/services but also nurture them effectively eventually passing on highly-qualified marketing leads to sales.


Below are the videos that will help explain the multiple workflows associated with Interactive Webinars:

1. Interactive Webinars User and License Management:

2. Interactive Webinars Event Program Creation:

3. Interactive Webinars Event Program Overview:

4. Interactive Webinars Event Configuration:

5. Interactive Webinars Event Delivery:

6. Interactive Webinars Post Event Insights and Actions:


Interactive Webinars is following a phased roll-out approach and the Included version of Interactive Webinars shall be available to all Marketo customers with an active subscription. This roll-out will take place over the period of next 6 months and all our customers will be able to take benefit of the same. If your business needs an early access of Interactive Webinars, please fill out this form and we will take note of the same and provision it on priority based on the fitment criteria in terms of region, language and other factors. Form Link: Form Link


If you have any further queries or any use-case that you need clarification on in terms of whether Interactive Webinars can satisfy it now or in future, please contact us on "". Looking forward to your thoughts, feedbacks and suggestions.