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Gamifying the Marketing Nation

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Did you know gamification market growth in 2015 was reported to be $1.7 Billion, and is projected to increase to $5.5 Billion ...?

Gamification, which was coined in 2002, did not start to become more mainstream until the last few years. Marketo first implemented gamification in our previous community in 2012 and we saw a 3x increase in engagements in our first week, along with a 71% daily lift in activities, and 48% increase in question replies in the first 3 months.

We were hooked, and so were our customers. So we've continued utilize the power of rewards and status in the Marketing Nation ever since. There are a million reasons to join a Community, but gamification is a reason to stay; it creates stickiness.

Let me back and up help those of you who still may find this to be a foreign (or even silly) concept. Gamification by definition is the application of game design elements and principals into non-game contexts in order to increase engagement and participation. If you are reading this, then it means you are in the Marketing Nation Community and you are earning rewards as we speak!

To view your rewards simply go to your profile by clicking your avatar then view profile.

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Then click the points in the middle of the page. (tip: make sure you set up your profile completely so people know who you are and you can join a MUG.)


Here you will find a complete overview of your level, points, and you can drill down on the missions and rewards you have completed or need to complete. After clicking Missions, you can not only sort your view but this is where you control your "Me in Three", or 3 badges of your choice to shwocase prominently. These 3 follow you around as you post letting anyone who hovers over your name know you have those skills. As you can see, I have chosen the influencer, blogger, and of course MCE rewards (the names of the badges show up on hover).

Go ahead, update your "Me in Three" now!

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Besides showcasing your status, knowledge, and expertise, rewards create competition which is very important (and fun!) in an online Community. View where you stand among the masses of Marketo customers by clicking Ranking.

Now that you know how to check out your standings and keep track of your rewards, we have some great news. We will be assigning some brand new rewards this year for all different activities, events and accomplishments. Here's a sneak peak of a few that would be perfect for your "Me in Three"!


We are always looking to improve the Marketing Nation Community, so if you have feedback or ideas on how to make the learning experience better for you please share in the comments of this blog!