Fun Fact Friday...{{default=edit me}}

If you are using  tokens in emails you have probably noticed that if you do not define a default value when inserting the token, Marketo populates language of "edit me" automatically as a default. This is to still give you the option in the email editor to define a default value for whenever the data field of the token is empty without having to re-insert the token.

So what happens if you leave 'edit me' as the default value, will people see this when they get the email and there is no data in the token field? 

Nope.  The system sees it as a null value. Even if you use Send Sample it will not appear, unless you have accidentally deleted one of the brackets around the token. Remember to be extra careful when you are editing {{tokens}} to not remove the brackets, otherwise the whole thing will appear in your email and that would be {lead.token:default=super embarrassing}}.