Executable Campaigns & Parent Tokens in Centralized Interesting Moments

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Executable campaigns have a neat feature: parent tokens. These little gems allow you to pass a value related to the processing of a parent campaign to a child campaign. This concept can be applied to the idea of Interesting Moments, which should be centralized in your Marketo processing so that they are easily maintained. But how do we customize the contents of a centralized Interesting Moment beyond the available Interesting Moment tokens?


For example, say you have a piece of content you are promoting and you would like to stamp an Interesting Moment for "Content Download" where you explicitly say the name of the content. Suppose you are promoting 100 pieces of content in this way - do you:

a) create a flow step within each program that stamps a specific Interesting Moment?

b) trigger a generic centralized Interesting Moment stamp for the downloaded content

c) create a custom lead field to populate with a value as a flow step within the content program, overwriting with every content download

d) leverage executable campaigns and parent tokens


With choice (a), you get a customized Interesting Moment but you lose the centralization of Interesting Moments and create a maintenance nightmare.

With choice (b), you get a generic Interesting Moment or one that leverages an Interesting Moment token that will provide the URL the content was on and not the name of the content.

With choice (c), you get a customized Interesting Moment but run the risk of timing getting involved and possibly stamping the Interesting Moment with an incorrect or empty value. Also, you have to remember to update the value from a local flow step.

With choice (d), you get a customized Interesting Moment with the content name value transferred from the Parent campaign level (aka the local content program) in the proper order, preventing inaccurate overwriting of custom field values. Oh, and you don't need to create custom fields or remember to add data value change flow steps with proper values in them at the local content program.


Check out the step-by-step setup provided and give it a try!