API Limits vs Bulk Extract Limits

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Here’s some information to help you sort things out when you hit an API limit.


First here’s a great article about API usage



Summary of the article:

If you have multiple web services creating individual API users is recommended:

  • It is easier to understand what data each web service is being given access to and allows you to create different API roles with different permissions if necessary
  • Reporting on API call usage will be broken down by user

If you are not is not using the Bulk API the error is#607 “Daily quota reached” when you’ve hit the limit.



API limits are contractual and you need to design your integrations to account for the limits. If you need a more permanent solution contact your Customer Success Manager to purchase more daily API calls.


For more info about API limits please check out



If you are using the Bulk API according to the documentation the daily quota is a maximum of 500MB per day, which is shared between leads and activities. When the quota is exceeded, you cannot Create or Enqueue another job until the daily quota resets at midnight Central Time. Until that time, an error “1029, Export daily quota exceeded” is returned. Aside from the daily quota, there is no maximum file size.


You can contact your Customer Success Manager and purchase a higher daily extract limit. The increase can be purchased for just a month.

Bulk Extract Additional 1GB

Bulk Extract Additional 3GB

Bulk Extract Additional 5GB

Bulk Extract Additional 10GB


For more info about the Bulk API check out



If you are using an ELT Extraction Tool and experiencing an issue you should check with the vendor since its most likely Marketo support isn't familiar with the tool you are using and won’t be able to troubleshoot it.


I hope this article helps you troubleshoot your issue faster. BTW, I'm not in charge of setting the limits or the prices. I'm also not in charge of the error codes. Thanks!